Weather whiplash

I was a little surprised to wake up and see this Tuesday morning (12/14).

Pretty, but I wasn’t ready for it. So glad it was short-lived. You can see the clouds opening up behind the house. That brought us some intermittent sun during the week.

Snow on our hebe. This thing is getting so big, it is covering almost half the width of the sidewalk. I don’t want to trim it back and I am simultaneously dreading the day that it starts to die back or gets broken by ice or snow in the winter. Such a nice plant. Maybe I’ll take a few cuttings this winter as insurance.

Frozen rose showing a bit of color

It’s nice to see water in the creek again. As I am writing this on Sunday morning (12/19), it has been pouring rain for about 12 hours. I am sure the creek looks very different now. Snow, sun, rain – typical week in the Pacific Northwest.

Now, looking at some snow covered leaves on the way into work. I think this is Rubus calycinoides, the creeping raspberry. This gets tasty gold fruit in the summer.

Like these… I just happened to snap some photos of the fruit when I picked a bunch in late July.

Golden fruit on a creeping raspberry

But, back to the snow and another picture of that rusty white building.

And, a quick look at the red oak again. The last of it’s leaves have fallen, but the branches blocked most of the snow from hitting the ground underneath.

Week of 12/13/2021 to 12/19/2021: Low = 28°F. High = 59°F. Weekly precipitation = 3.97 inches (rain).

Garden chores accomplished: Stuck some broadleaf evergreen cuttings. Too rainy outside to get anything accomplished this weekend.

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