Merry Christmas 2021

Ha Ha. Typical me. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas on 12/26/2021. Well, anyway, Merry Christmas!

This is our Christmas tree. Last year was such a bummer, with the pandemic and all, that I think we just sat around the house all day in the dark. I honestly don’t remember last Christmas at all. This year, however, we mustered up the courage to go out in between downpours and cut down a tree from the plantation behind us. Definitely not a nice dense tree from a Christmas tree farm, but we are fine with the rustic, gangly Christmas tree look.

What’s under our tree? Christmas squash, of course. Evidently, we were very, very good this year.

Here’s a table that L decked out for the holidays. A better blogger would have taken better pains to hide the electrical cords, the labels on the pots, and an unfinished wood project, but there you go. We embrace reality here.

The main impetus for this table, though, is our cat, Jacques. He is the real scrooge, destroying plants willy nilly. Thus, they all need to be high overhead, put under glass, or imprisoned in a cage for their own protection. Here, we’ve got a couple blooming kalanchoe in the back, a white polka dot plant (Hypoestes) in the rear on the left, and some baby living stones (in the cage and in the six pack front left).

Well, here is our resident, plant destroying jerk right now, looking somehow exhausted and ferocious at the same time.

A little later on Christmas day, this began to happen…

Night came, but the ground was still bare. By the next morning, however…

Looking out the back into the woods. Brrr!

It continued to snow most of the day and as of right now, we probably have about 1 foot of it.

Nice to be indoors and warm, while looking out. Plus, a real Christmas treat to look forward to – fresh flour tortillas are being made in the kitchen. Merry Christmas everybody!

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