February photographs

I always have more ideas for blog posts than I have time. And lots and lots of pictures. How does one whittle it all down so that posts go out relatively quickly? I had a few more pictures left over from February, so I thought I would get to them now before March is over. Sort of a hodge podge mish mash of pictures that I liked.

I really liked the needles on this Hood View juniper. It was one of those dreary, rainy days when not much was happening in the garden. Taking a closer look at this juniper made my day.

Close-up of Hood View juniper needles
Juniperus communis 'Hood View'

Nice leaves on my Arum ‘Chameleon’ too. I grew this from seed about 10 years ago. Hasn’t bloomed, which is maybe a good thing as it looks like it might be a form of Arum italicum, the Italian arum. Italian arum has been a little invasive in my garden.

Mottled leaves of Arum 'Chameleon'
Arum 'Chameleon'

Spotted this orange jelly fungus growing out of our back porch.

Orange jelly fungi growing out of our back deck
Dacrymyces palmatus?

I think this is a fishfly, which hatch out of the stream. You know spring is near when these start showing up.

A fishfly on my hand. Spring is near.
A fishfly (Megaloptera)

I found one of our native liverworts that grows on our trees during the wet season, possibly tree-ruffle liverwort (Porella navicularis).

Tiny plant of tree-ruffle liverwort
Porella navicularis

I like the leaves of our native Pacific sanicle (Sanicula crassicaulis) when they first come up.

Leaves of Pacific sanicle
Sanicula crassicaulis

I still haven’t cleaned out last year’s dead tree leaves out of my Pittosporum divaricatum.

Purple bush of Pittosporum divaricatum
Pittosporum divaricatum
Close-up of the tiny leaves of Pittosporum divaricatum
Pittosporum divaricatum leaves

Patio bricks with the perfect mortar of moss

That’s it for February photos!

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  1. Dan Nelson

    Great photos! Thanks for linking to my profile on Porella navicularis! Always makes me happy when my profiles get utilized!

    1. Garden Curmudgeon

      So glad to hear from you. Love your blog, as I enjoy reading up on all of the animals and plants I find outside. I forgot to add a link to the “Blogs I Follow” section, which I have taken care of right away. Keep up the great work!

  2. danger garden

    Excellent photos of the Juniperus communis ‘Hood View’, and ditto for the sweet green mortar. I do love moss. I’ll admit to also being glad I’m not the only one with a few stray leaves in my Pittosporum divaricatum…

    1. Garden Curmudgeon

      So many things to do this time of year!

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