Disappointment (and delight)

Disappointment is when you forget to water just one single day and a newly purchased plant burns on one side (or even worse, dies). Picea abies ‘Little Gem’.

Delight is when the center of this Santolina ‘Little Nicky’ died several years ago in almost the exact same way, but I never had the time to cut it down and get rid of it. Five years later, it has a very nice bonsai effect.

It’s going to bloom too!

So, now I am wondering, do I hang on to the little burnt spruce above and see if it grows into something more interesting?

Disappointment is when you transplant that beautiful purple and white iris that you really like, it’s doing really well, and about to bloom, when…

Delight is when one of your new iris blooms for the first time and you find out you have a new favorite! Iris ‘Moose Tracks’.

Disappointment is when a plant you have had for 2 years just ups and dies for absolutely no good reason at all. RIP Holboellia angustifolia ssp. trifoliata. I was hoping you would cover up the deer fence, but you failed. Miserably. I guess dead brown leaves also make a good, but flammable, screen.

Delight is finding a plant that you forgot you had planted and yet somehow it survived despite your lack of consideration for its happiness and well being. Climbing asparagus (Asparagus verticillatus). From Russia, with love. Hardy to -40°F (and -40°C too)! Climbs up to 15 feet, but not evergreen. I better fertilize that thing and see if I can get it to grow! I need it to cover that fence in a hurry.